Interpol: If You Really Love Nothing

Interpol is one of my favorite bands. Their music has shaped my life and provided much inspiration for my own works. The band released their new album Marauder on Friday and it shaping up to be one of their best albums in years. “If You Really Love Nothing” is one of the best tracks from the record with its familiar awesome Interpol guitar riffs. The music video for the song stars Kristen Stewart and Finn Wittrock. Check it out below.


Blood Orange: Jewelry

From album to album, Blood Orange continues to surprise me. Devonte Hynes seems to always produce a fantastic album from opening track to closing note. Negro Swan is another rewarding listen from the British singer-songwriter. “Jewelry” is one of the best tracks from the album with its atmospheric sound. Check it out below.

A$AP Rocky: Praise the Lord (Da Shine)

I finally had the opportunity to listen to A$AP Rocky’s new album Testing and I must say, I truly enjoyed it. It is a great blend of psychedelia and experimental hip-hop. I am happy that Rocky didn’t completely jump on the trap music wagon and make an album full of that. The album is atmospheric and features some amazing production.

“Praise the Lord” is one of the best tracks from the album with its catchy beat and excellent verses from Rocky and Skepta. Check it out below.

Zola Jesus live

With the Fall season rapidly approaching, my music habits have been changing. The dark and melancholy tracks that I have always been drawn to are popping up more and more on my playlists. Zola Jesus’ goth-pop music has always been a favorite of mine. Her dark and brooding sound instantly captures the late night listening sessions that I sink into while working on the many projects I have going. She recently performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Check it out below.

Radiohead: Where I End and You Begin

I have been listening to Radiohead continuously over the past few weeks and I am discovering so many songs that I missed out on. “Where I End and You Begin” is a stellar track from the band’s album Hail to the Thief. It is an angry and striking song that has become my new favorite song from the band. Check it out below.

Drake: In My Feelings

Drake’s new album Scorpion is proving to be a massive success. The record has many songs that are catchy and are instant hits. I was pleasantly surprised by how much repeatability the album has compared to Views. “In My Feelings” is Drake’s fan-favorite video due to a viral dance that had celebrities and stars dancing to it. The music video has a star-studded cast is as fun as the song is. Check it out below.