Bay Faction: Florida Guilt Review

I have been anxiously awaiting Bay Faction’s debut album Florida Guilt¬†after discovering them last year. The Florida band has released some of my favorite songs including “Beach Book” and “Crack Pipe”. Their amazing blend of jazz chords, emo, and indie rock instantly captivated my attention.

Florida Guilt is somewhat different from their previous material but in a great way. The songs on the album seem like a mix of indie rock and trip-hop and smoothly transitions from track to track. It is a downbeat album that is made for those late nights when you want to chill by yourself or with a significant other.

My favorite tracks from the record are “Donor,” “Ur My Bug,” “Florida Guilt,” “Sopping,” and “It’s Perfect.” “Donor” has a terrific beat and guitar riff that I can’t get enough of. The song is a great breakup track and James McDermott’s lyrics are spot on. “It’s Perfect” reminds me of a Blink 182 song with its pop-punk and fun-loving sound. “Sopping” has a kind of funky and trip-hop sound that is danceable and also makes you want to sulk in the background. “Florida Guilt” retains that jazz-rock sound from the band’s previous releases and is a slow burner with its melancholy atmosphere.

I must say that I am truly impressed with how the band has been able to expand on their sound and create a truly rewarding listening experience. I know that in the coming months I will be listening to this record constantly especially during these cold winter nights. Check out the album below.

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