Local Natives: Someday Now

Local Natives has always been a favorite band of mine ever since I first discovered them in 2010 while I was living in California. I liked their overall sound and relaxed folk vibe. Many of their songs were the soundtrack for my long drives back and forth to school as well as trips to the various beaches in California. I always enjoyed the harmony that Local Natives was able to produce as well as the mellow vibe that they seemed to emulate with every single track.

Over the years, the band has gone on to expand their sound by incorporating more experimental elements. They have included electronics and dabbled with new instruments outside of their acoustic and electric guitar sound.

“Someday Now” is a groovy track from the band that has those intricate guitars you come to expect from Local Natives. There is also a nice bassline that drives the track into a more danceable space. Hear it below.

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