The 8 Best Films of 2018

There were a lot of great movies released in 2018 that were versatile and truly wonderful to see. Many films helped to completely change the perception of minorities in movies and pushed new boundaries creatively. From a psychedelic horror piece to a beautiful narrative about black love, here are the 8 best films of 2018.

8. Mandy


7. BlacKkKlansmen

6. Sorry To Bother You

5. Crazy Rich Asians

4. Annihilation

3. The Favourite

2. Black Panther

1 If Beale Street Could Talk

Wild Nothing: Nocturne

Wild Nothing seems to make some of the most nostalgic feeling music that I have ever heard.  The band’s songs seem to transport you to a time and place where everything was simply good. “Nocturne” is one of their songs that does just that with its atmospheric guitar riffs and Jack Tatum’s wistful vocals.

Kerry James Marshall Exhibit

A few months ago, I went to check out the Kerry James Marshall Exhibit at the MET and didn’t have the chance to post the pictures of his paintings to this blog. Well, here they finally are.

The exhibition really opened my eyes to how great an artist Marshall is. A lot of the paintings I never saw before and I also saw his comic that I didn’t have the chance to take a photo of.