Chelsea Wolfe: 16 Psyche

Let me tell you when I first fell in love with Chelsea Wolfe’s music. About a year and a half ago, I was looking for new music that could fit under the dark ambient category and somehow youtube brought me to Wolfe’s “Tracks (Tall Bodies)” song. It took one listen to completely hook me and I have been listening to her ever since. Her dark lyrics and heavy guitar chords resound perfectly on rainy days and nights.

Great news came to my attention today with Wolfe’s new single “16 Psyche” which further expands upon the sound from her last album Abyss. You can literally feel the dark weight descend upon you and leave you wanting more.

Beach Fossils: Down the Line

Beach Fossils is back!! After a four year gap from their sophomore album, Beach Fossils released their third album Somersault. The record is both a return to form and an expansion of the band’s mellow sound. I have listened to the album several times in a row and I just can’t get enough.

“Down the Line” is one of my favorite tracks from the record. The song reminds me of Beach Fossil’s first album with its surf rock sound. The bass line drives the song along as a steady guitar riff pops in and out.

Wild Nothing: Nocturne

Wild Nothing seems to make some of the most nostalgic feeling music that I have ever heard.  The band’s songs seem to transport you to a time and place where everything was simply good. “Nocturne” is one of their songs that does just that with its atmospheric guitar riffs and Jack Tatum’s wistful vocals.