Cold Showers: So I Can Grow

Cold Showers is a Los Angeles based post-punk band that I recently discovered. Their debut album Love and Regret was released in 2012 is a true joy to listen to with its killer bass riffs especially on the phenomenal track “So I Can Grow.” Check it out below.

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TRAITRS: Thin Flesh

Whenever the fall and winter season rears its head, my music selection changes towards more darker and reflective tunes. I retreat into post-punk (my favorite music genre) songs and dive very deep. Yesterday, I discovered the amazing Canadian post-punk duo TRAITRS and I have been playing their music non-stop. “Thin Flesh” is a track from […]

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Blood Orange: Jewelry

From album to album, Blood Orange continues to surprise me. Devonte Hynes seems to always produce a fantastic album from opening track to closing note. Negro Swan is another rewarding listen from the British singer-songwriter. “Jewelry” is one of the best tracks from the album with its atmospheric sound. Check it out below.

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Zola Jesus live

With the Fall season rapidly approaching, my music habits have been changing. The dark and melancholy tracks that I have always been drawn to are popping up more and more on my playlists. Zola Jesus’ goth-pop music has always been a favorite of mine. Her dark and brooding sound instantly captures the late night listening […]

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