90’s nostalgia


The 80’s till the late 90’s was the highlight of Eddie Murphy’s career. He starred in many memorable films that have become pop culture references. His string of box office hits seemed to be endless. One of his best movies from this period was the 1992 film “Boomerang”. Eddie Murphy stars as Marcus Graham, a […]


90’s Nostalgia: Gattaca

When I first saw “Gattaca” I was actually disturbed by this movie. I thought that the prospect of what kind of life you would have being determined simply by genetics was a sorry state of affairs. I re-watched this film a few days ago and I definitely have a better opinion of it now. “Gattaca” […]


90’s Nostalgia: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio has always been my favorite actor ever since his role in “Gangs of New York”. I have watched all of his films since then and he has proved himself as a versatile and engaging actor. One of his best performances was in 1993’s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. The film is about Gilbert Grape (Johnny […]