a tribe called quest

A Tribe Called Quest: The Chase Pt. 2

Today the world was hit with the terrible news that Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest has passed away. This gifted MC helped to bring hip hop to a large audience; domestic and abroad. He will be missed by many. In memory of Phife Dawg check out this jazz- tinged track “The Chase Pt. […]


A Tribe Called Quest: Buggin Out

Lately I’ve been on this 90’s trip where everything from hip hop to grunge rock has been playing in my house. With De La Soul coming through the speakers I had to eventually get to A Tribe Called Quest. I did not know how much projects and songs Q-Tip produced and made guest appearances on […]


A Tribe Called Quest: Phony Rappers

A Tribe Called Quest is one of the best rap groups when it comes to taking it easy and unwinding. Their laid-back flow and jazzy beats always does the trick. No matter how annoyed or agitated you may be, their music instantly calms you down and puts things into perspective. Their discography is definitely a […]