alternative country

Band of Horses: Whatever, Wherever

The new Band of Horses record “Why Are You Ok” is shaping up to be an incredible record. The band has released three songs from the album all different in sound and “Whatever, Wherever” is the best yet. The song has a 60’s pop/surf rock sound with its Beach Boys influence and simple riffs. Vocalist […]


Lucero: Anjalee

I had the opportunity to see Lucero live for the first time last week. I caught a snippet of them back in 2011 at Warped Tour but I ignored them in favor of Hellogoodbye. Now that I know better I hope to see them whenever they come into town. “Anjalee” is one of the band’s […]


Ben Nichols: Tobin

In my opinion Ben Nichols is one of the most underrated singer-songwriter of his generation. He has continuously made music filled with deep feeling and reflection. There hasn’t been a Lucero song that I haven’t liked. Ben Nichols solo album “The Last Pale Light in the West” is definitely a masterpiece and one of the […]