Beach Fossils: Down the Line

Beach Fossils is back!! After a four year gap from their sophomore album, Beach Fossils released their third album¬†Somersault.¬†The record is both a return to form and an expansion of the band’s mellow sound. I have listened to the album several times in a row and I just can’t get enough.

“Down the Line” is one of my favorite tracks from the record. The song reminds me of Beach Fossil’s first album with its surf rock sound. The bass line drives the song along as a steady guitar riff pops in and out.


Real Estate: Talking Backwards

New Jersey band Real Estate first came to my attention back in 2010 when I developed a fascination with everything surf rock/pop. A handful of bands popped up in 2010 that fell into this category including Best Coast, The Drums, Beach Fossils and Surfer Blood. Out of all of these bands Real Estate really seemed the most confident and sincere in their music. They didn’t change their sound drastically like all of their contemporaries did on their sophomore efforts. They remained easygoing and steadfast as they matured as a band. Both “Real Estate” and “Days” are records that remain in total opposition to the “what’s hot right now” trend that fluctuates from year to year. This band is able to stay true to themselves and continue to produce music that undeniably have that Real Estate sound.

Real Estate’s new album “Atlas” comes out in March and here is their first single “Talking Backwards” from the album.

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