Throwback Thursday: Outkast – Mainstream

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we look at Outkast’s “Mainstream” from their critically acclaimed album ATLiens. The song like most of the album has a somber and minimal beat. Both Big Boi and Andre 3000 deliver introspective verses and are joined by Goodie Mob. Check it out below.  

Big Boi: Kill Jill feat. Killer Mike and Jeezy

Big Boi’s new album Boomiverse was released on June 16 and it is proving to be a stellar album. The rapper has released several singles from the album including “Kill Jill” which is an absolute banger. The song features Killer Mike and Jeezy and each of their verses is incredible. Check out the music video below.  

Outkast: Aquemini

I have always liked Outkast’s earlier albums than their later work. “Aquemini” is a dark and reflective album that features both Big Boi and Andre 3000 at their lyrical best. The title track is a somber song that moves along at a slow pace then abruptly the duo change their rapping styles.