Gary Clark Jr.: Church

Gary Clark Jr.’s “Church” is another amazing cut from his album The Story of Sonny Boy Slim’. This track has elements of gospel, folk, and soul as Gary sings about love and his need for God’s helping hand. Check it out below.

Gary Clark Jr. : Our Love

Gary Clark Jr. is a phenomenal blues musician who continues to put out music that seems to fly under the radar.  His last record The Story of Sonny Boy Slim featured various genres including soul, R&B, and rock. “Our Love” is one of the best tracks from the album with its soulful vibe and Clark’s intricate…

Benjamin Booker: Right On You

Benjamin Booker recently released his second studio album Witness which is proving to be one of the best albums of the year. The album mixes gospel, garage rock, and blues as Booker expands upon his sound. “Right On You” is one of the best tracks on the record with its raucous guitars and Booker’s growly voice.

RS #499 B.B. King- How Blue Can You Get

I listen to the blues ever so often throughout the year and B.B. King is one of the artists I return to. His guitar playing is quite simply the best in the genre. Lucille really screams as his fingers moves up and down the fretboard. I never listened to Live in Cook County Jail, which is…

Shakey Graves: If Not For You

I first heard about Shakey Graves last year and have been following him ever since. His music is in the same vein as Two Gallants and Benjamin Booker with its folk blues influences. Shakey’s guitar playing is absolutely impeccable especially on “If Not For You”. Check it out above.

Junior Kimbrough: Meet Me In the City

I first heard about blues legend Junior Kimbrough from listening to The Black Keys. Their cover songs of Junior’s material was really good but after listening to Junior’s “Meet Me in the City”, I have to say that Junior is absolutely amazing. His vocals are soul wrenching and forlorn as he sings about his woman…

Chet Baker- Born To Be Blue

I’ve been listening a lot to Chet Baker recently and discovered “Born to be Blue” which completely blew me away. The song is in the standard 12-bar blues  but played on a piano and has Baker singing in his well-know whispery and soft-voiced way. Baker’s voice is melancholy which only heightens the image of lost…