Do Make Say Think: Classic Noodlanding

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with Do Make Say Think. They have become my favorite post-rock band with their awe-inspiring music. I listen to them when I work, write, and read and still want to hear more.

“Classic Noodlanding” is one of my favorite songs from the band. The guitars on this song are amazing, as the riffs completely sink into you and have you reeling from its mesmerizing spell. Check it out.


PUP: If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You & DVP (live)

PUP has had a standout two years after the release of their debut album. The band plays fast and loud punk rock that is a breath of fresh air in today’s repetitive styles. The Canadian band released their second album “The Dream Is Over” and it surpasses its predecessor as the band has matured.

“If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You” is a hilarious song with its funny lyrics and features a stellar chord transitions. “DVP” is pure punk rock with its intense speed and brash sound. Check it out above.

PUP: Guilt Trip

PUP literally came out of nowhere with a stellar debut album that is sure to become a staple in punk rock many years from now. The band which hails from Canada play with limitless energy that carries each and every song with its explosive crescendo.

One of their best songs is “Guilt Trip” with its fast paced tempo and screeching riffs. Lead singer/guitarist Stefan BabCock shouts good riddance to an ex that has left. Check it out above.

Alvvays: Adult Diversion

I just checked out Canadian indie rock/surf pop band Alvvays after a recent search for new surf rock bands to listen to. Alvvays is fronted by Molly Rankin who sings and plays guitar. Her voice falls into the dream pop range like contemporaries Seapony and La Sera. “Adult Diversion” opens with a surf riff and expands in sound towards the end of the song. Check it out.

The Belle Game: Wait Up For You

I recently discovered Canadian band The Belle Game and I can’t get enough of their atmospheric sound. The band’s music has been described as dark pop and it suits due to their somber songs. The band released their debut album “Ritual Tradition Habit” last year and one of the songs from that album is ‘Wait Up For You”. Check it out.

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