Mick Jenkins: Jazz

I finally got around to checking out Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins. His music is on a whole other level compared to a majority of rappers nowadays. Mick is an intelligent rapper that is quite verbose on his songs. You feel like you have to pay close attention when he raps. His mixtape “The Water[s]” is […]


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

As an adolescent in Chicago, John Hughes’ films really served as my interpretation of what high school was going to be like. Unfortunately, my very own high school years was no where like a Hughes film but still those movies played an intricate part in my life in providing an entertaining look at teendom. Now […]


Into It. Over It.- Proper

  I am a late listener to Into It. Over It. This band came my way after I discovered their music randomly online. The concept that emo music was still being made interested me. I thought that emo died in 2009. Yet, there are a bunch of bands still making music that is defined as […]