Chelsea Wolfe: 16 Psyche

Let me tell you when I first fell in love with Chelsea Wolfe’s music. About a year and a half ago, I was looking for new music that could fit under the dark ambient category and somehow youtube¬†brought me to Wolfe’s “Tracks (Tall Bodies)” song. It took one listen to completely hook me and I have been listening to her ever since. Her dark lyrics and heavy guitar chords resound perfectly on rainy days and nights.

Great news came to my attention today with Wolfe’s new single “16 Psyche” which further expands upon the sound from her last album Abyss. You can literally feel the dark weight descend upon you and leave you wanting more.


The Haxan Cloak: Miste

Drone is background music or white noise when reading or writing for me. I turn it on and zone out on what I do but also have an open careful ear for the music as well. Many bands such as Bohren & der club of Gore, Grouper, and Raime help me focus in on what I need to accomplish usually at night but now I have found a new addition to my nocturnal activities.

The Haxan Cloak makes dark ambient/ doom drone music that is very quiet and sometimes barely audible but is quite engaging. The music seems to leap out at you when you least expect it especially when you are barely listening to it. Check out the song above from The Haxan Cloak.

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