The Neighbourhood: R.I.P 2 My Youth

Good news today; The Neighbourhood are releasing their second album entitled “Wiped Out” in October. The band has been gaining major exposure ever since their single “Sweater Weather” topped the charts. Their melancholic and noir inspired atmosphere sets a certain mood when listening to them. Their music videos are shot in black and white and […]

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The Belle Game: Wait Up For You

I recently discovered Canadian band The Belle Game and I can’t get enough of their atmospheric sound. The band’s music has been described as dark pop and it suits due to their somber songs. The band released their debut album “Ritual Tradition Habit” last year and one of the songs from that album is ‘Wait […]

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The Neighbourhood: I Love You

California band The Neighbourhood grabbed my attention when I first saw them open for Paul Banks a few years ago. Their sound which is a mixture of indie pop and hip hop had me hooked from the onset. Immediately after the show I researched the band and saw that they had a particular aestheic for […]

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