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No Malice: So Woke

Clipse has always been one of the best rap duos in hip hop and when the brothers embarked on their solo careers, Pusha T proved to be the most popular. Many people have waved off No Malice but they will surely get back on the bandwagon after listening to “So Woke.”

No Malice goes in on this hard-hitting beat with his fierce delivery about police brutality and Donald Trump’s incompetence and stupidity. Check it out below.


Mobb Deep: The Start of Your Ending

I have been real busy lately with work and a much-needed vacation. When I heard that Prodigy from Mobb Deep had passed away, I was as shocked as the rest of the world. For a very long time, Prodigy was my favorite rapper. I had posters of the rapper and Mobb Deep on my wall when I was in high school. I bought every single Mobb Deep album and listened to it on a daily basis.

I bought every single Mobb Deep album and listened to it on a daily basis. “The Infamous” is still one of my favorite hip hop records with its portrayal of 90’s New York life. The album featured some of the most introspective and no-nonsense lyrics that showed that this duo was to be listened to.

Many hip-hop fans say that “Shook Ones Pt. II” is the best record from the album, but for me, it’s the opening track. “The Start of Your Ending” has a laid-back beat that definitely feels like New York. Havoc delivers one of his best verses on the song the Prodigy comes in and wrecks the track. Check it out.

Isaiah Rashad: Webbie Flow (U Like)

Isaiah Rashad’s Cilvia Demo has been on constant rotation the last few weeks. I really like the laid-back feel of the album and how hungry Isaiah sounds on each track.  Many of the songs have Isaiah reflecting on life and discussing personal issues that have shaped his life.

“Webbie Flow” is one of the best tracks from the EP with Isaiah displaying just how great of a rapper he is. The lyrics are direct as the beat has to keep up with Isaiah’s flow.