Benjamin Booker: Believe

Benjamin Booker is a young blues-rock musician that has released two amazing albums that are a mix of gospel, blues, and indie rock. His raspy voice and phenomenal guitar work are invigorating especially on the track “Believe.” Booker howls out his belief for something more to his existence. Check it out below.


Algiers: Cry of the Martyrs

I forgot to add Algiers excellent The Underside of Power album to my list of the top albums of 2017. The post-punk band’s second record is a display of controlled chaos and anger with its hypnotic songs. “Cry of the Martyrs” is one of the best tracks from the album with its industrial sound and lead singer Franklin James Fisher’s gospel lyrics. Check it out below.


King Krule: Czech One

King Krule’s second studio album The Ooz is truly a wonderful and absorbing experience. The record has various musical styles with jazz-like guitar chords proving to be the driving force behind many tracks. The album is both melancholy and introspective which makes it a perfect record for the fall season. Every track is noteworthy in itself and trying to decide what are the best ones is a hard chore.

However, there are some tracks that I have been listening to over and over again including “Czech One.” This track is somber and features Archy Marshall singing in a whispery subdued voice. Check it out below.


King Krule: Dum Surfer

There is no one more excited than me to hear that King Krule is releasing his new album The Ooz next month. I have been waiting for years to hear new music from Archy Marshall under the King Krule moniker. His first album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was one of my favorite albums of 2013 with its jazz and indie rock fusion. King Krule has released two new songs from his new album

King Krule has released two new songs from his new album including “Dum Surfer” which still retains that jazz sound but with a tinge of goth rock. Krule bellows and snarls as the guitars move at a frantic pace. In the music video, Krule performs in a dive bar with a zombie band. Check it out below.

Deer Leap- The Last of Us

Deer Leap’s Impermanence was one of my favorite records of 2016. The band’s emo and indie rock sound are both reflective and somber.  There are many great tracks on the album including “The Last of Us” with its amazing guitar riffs and xylophone use. Check it out below.

Brand New: Desert

Brand New’s long-awaited new album “Science Fiction” was released a couple of days ago and it is one of the best albums of the year. The record has the band continuing their post-hardcore and experimental sound with some of the most innovating songs from their career.

“Desert” is one of the best songs from the album with its somber and quiet sound. A slow guitar riff pops in and out over Jesse Lacey’s melancholic lyrics. Check it out below.

Editors: All Sparks

The British post-punk band Editors have always been a personal favorite of mine. They came to prominence during the 00’s post-punk revival scene with bands like Bloc Party and Interpol. They have managed to keep releasing albums and touring over the past decade.

“All Sparks” is one of the best tracks from the band’s catalog. It features a prominent guitar riff and danceable drumbeat that is furtherly heightened by Tom Smith’s baritone vocals. Check it out.

Do Make Say Think: Classic Noodlanding

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with Do Make Say Think. They have become my favorite post-rock band with their awe-inspiring music. I listen to them when I work, write, and read and still want to hear more.

“Classic Noodlanding” is one of my favorite songs from the band. The guitars on this song are amazing, as the riffs completely sink into you and have you reeling from its mesmerizing spell. Check it out.

The Boxer Rebellion: Evacuate

The Boxer Rebellion is a band that specializes in melancholy and emotive rock music. Over the course of the band’s career, they have released album after album that further pushes the boundaries of indie rock.

“Evacuate” is one of the most popular songs from The Boxer Rebellion with its excellent guitar effects and quick tempo. Check it out.

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