Flying Lotus: Only If You Wanna

I have always preferred Flying Lotus’ quieter tracks to his zany upbeat ones. These songs seem to flow on a higher plane while keeping your mind in a zen state. “Only If You Wanna” is one of my favorite tracks from Until the Quiet Comes. It’s a jazzy song with ethereal vocals popping in and out.


Message To Bears: Mountains

There are a lot of bands and musicians that go under the radar and Message to Bears is one of them. They make music that is somber and emotive which keeps getting better and better. “Mountains” features an acoustic guitar and a violin that slowly moves along until it picks up speed. Check it out above.

Trevor Menear: Plates

Trevor Menear is a blues/garage rock musician that does his own take on these genres. His music can be both quiet and aggressive especially on track “Plates”. The song is instrumental but produces a melancholy atmosphere that hits its breaking point towards the end. Check it out above.

The Range: Nonfiction


I just discovered The Range and I believe I have found an album that will keep me company during my restless nights.  The Range is producer James Hinton from Rhode Island whose debut album “Nonfiction”  blends instrumental hip hop with a variety of other genres. The mix is so perfect that you find yourself replaying the entire album from start to finish over and over again.

The best tracks on the album that instantly grab your attention are “Loftmane”, “Jamie”, and “Seneca”. Each song is different than the other in its experimentation. “Loftmane” has a hip hop beat coursing throughout it with piano notes as a sampled voice repeats over and over. “Jamie” is more downbeat with somber piano notes and a heavy bass. “Seneca” has a very relaxing feel to it with its repetitive water sounds and expanding bass.

I have been listening to this album for a few days now and I already want more. I found out that The Range will be performing where I live in a few months and I will definitely be there to see him live.

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