Miles Davis: Autumn Leaves

With this rainy day and fall season upon us, here is a song to fit the changing tide. Miles Davis’  “Autumn Leaves” has a melancholy sound that catches you unawares if you let it. Check it out below.



King Krule: Dum Surfer

There is no one more excited than me to hear that King Krule is releasing his new album The Ooz next month. I have been waiting for years to hear new music from Archy Marshall under the King Krule moniker. His first album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was one of my favorite albums of 2013 with its jazz and indie rock fusion. King Krule has released two new songs from his new album

King Krule has released two new songs from his new album including “Dum Surfer” which still retains that jazz sound but with a tinge of goth rock. Krule bellows and snarls as the guitars move at a frantic pace. In the music video, Krule performs in a dive bar with a zombie band. Check it out below.

Flying Lotus: Only If You Wanna

I have always preferred Flying Lotus’ quieter tracks to his zany upbeat ones. These songs seem to flow on a higher plane while keeping your mind in a zen state. “Only If You Wanna” is one of my favorite tracks from Until the Quiet Comes. It’s a jazzy song with ethereal vocals popping in and out.

Wynton Marsalis: When It’s Sleepy Time Down South

Wynton Marsalis’ trumpet creates a distinguishable sound that is completely his own. That New Orleans feel resonates on every song that Marsalis has produced. “When It’s Sleepy Time Down South” is one of Marsalis’ popular tunes with its easygoing and somnolent playing. Check it out.

Bay Faction: Crack Pipe

I am a big fan of Boston band Bay Faction with their jazz and indie rock style. The band’s music is mellow and is perfect for those evenings when you want to just chill with your significant other. “Crack Pipe” is a lovely gem from Bay Faction with its terrific riffs that blends with vocalist/guitarist James McDermott’s pleading vocals.

Bobby Timmons: Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

Bobby Timmons is one of the most underrated jazz pianists in the genre. His songs vary in nature with many being equal parts upbeat and melancholy. His output was phenomenal and he helped to create many jazz standards that have been covered extensively over the years.

“Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” is a somber track that mixes a little blues into Bobby’s playing. This song is for those hard times when you feel as if all is hopeless. Check it out.

Vanessa Williams: What Child Is This?

With the Christmas season upon us, I figured it was only right to post some holiday music to the blog. Starting us off is the wonderful Vanessa Williams with “What Child Is This?” I first heard this song many years ago and have been playing it every December. The track is a jazz number with a great guitar solo. Check it out.

Mick Jenkins: Jazz

I finally got around to checking out Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins. His music is on a whole other level compared to a majority of rappers nowadays. Mick is an intelligent rapper that is quite verbose on his songs. You feel like you have to pay close attention when he raps. His mixtape “The Water[s]” is one of the best tapes I have heard in a long time.

“Jazz” is one of the best tracks from the mixtape with its slow beat and Mick’s direct flow. Check it out.

Barney Wilen & Mal Waldron: Quiet Temple

There are so many jazz tunes that hits you in the soul as soon as you listen to it; Barney Wilen and Mal Waldron’s “Quiet Temple” does just that. The song is a somber tune that invokes a feeling of being in a noir film with its melancholy saxophone.

Before listening to this track I never heard of either musician but have now been checking out all the wonderful music they have made. Check it out above.

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