David Wenngren: Feathers

David Wenngren’s ¬†“Feathers” is a beautiful and quiet song that I have been listening to a lot lately. It fits the current gloomy weather we have been having these past few days. The song brings forth deep reflection and nostalgic¬†feelings for the past. Check it out.

Aphex Twin: aisatsana [102]

Aphex Twin creates some of the most deeply moving music I have ever heard. His minimal sounds can really evoke feelings that you didn’t even know you had. “aisatsana¬†[102]” is a quiet track that is equal parts melancholy and uplifting, as the piano mingles with the sound of chirping birds in the background. It is…

Bruce Hornsby & The Range: The Way It Is

Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s “The Way It Is” is one of the greatest songs ever written by a musician. Its hopeful lyrics as it talks about socioeconomic issues is quite moving. The song was sampled by 2Pac for his own song about a need for something more “Changes”. Check it out above.

Bobby Timmons Trio: Dat Dere

Bobby Timmons was one of the best pianist that jazz has ever had. He created many standards such as “Moanin” and “This Here”. His greatness was cut short when he died at the age of 38. His music lives on especially for jazz enthusiasts and collectors. One of Timmons’ best songs is “Dat Dere” with…