Human Tetris: Long Flight

One of my favorite post-punk bands is back with a new record. Human Tetris recently released the album Memorabilia which has the band continuing their post-punk sound. “Long Flight” features some killer riffs and a total dark aura. Check it out below.

Algiers: Cry of the Martyrs

I forgot to add Algiers excellent The Underside of Power album to my list of the top albums of 2017. The post-punk band’s second record is a display of controlled chaos and anger with its hypnotic songs. “Cry of the Martyrs” is one of the best tracks from the album with its industrial sound and…

Human Tetris: Ruins

Human Tetris is a post-punk band from Russia that has returned to the music scene after several years on hiatus. The band came to my attention back in 2011 when I was delving deep into the post-punk genre and I have kept tabs on them ever since. “Ruins” is a new song from the band…

King Krule: Dum Surfer

There is no one more excited than me to hear that King Krule is releasing his new album The Ooz next month. I have been waiting for years to hear new music from Archy Marshall under the King Krule moniker. His first album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon was one of my favorite albums of 2013 with…

Editors: All Sparks

The British post-punk band Editors have always been a personal favorite of mine. They came to prominence during the 00’s post-punk revival scene with bands like Bloc Party and Interpol. They have managed to keep releasing albums and touring over the past decade. “All Sparks” is one of the best tracks from the band’s catalog….

Mount Kimbie: Blue Train Lines feat. King Krule

Whenever Mount Kimbie and King Krule get together, they produce some of the most intriguing and dynamic songs that instantly have you wanting more. The latest collaboration is “Blue Train Lines,” a post-punk track that has King Krule belting his heart out in his familiar gravelly voice. Check it out.

Algiers: The Underside of Power

Algiers has an uncanny knack for blending many different musical genres to create a splendid sound. The band’s new album “The Underside of Power” was released on Jun. 23 and the title track is a mix of post-punk and soul. Check it out.

Why I Am a Fan of Bloc Party’s “Intimacy”

When I first heard Bloc Party’s third studio album “Intimacy” many years ago, I was not impressed and agreed with the critics mixed reception of the band. I wanted the band to continue their post-punk sound and was turned off by the electronic direction they ventured into. I listened to the album once and didn’t…

Bloc Party: Tulips (Club Version) (Minotaur Shock remix)

When Bloc Party came out with their debut album Silent Alarm back in 2005, the band literally changed my life. Not only was the album absolutely incredible, but also it was the first time that I saw a black man (someone that looked like me) performing and creating memorable songs in the predominately white indie…

Soviet Soviet: Further

The continuous gloomy and rainy weather has put me into a post-punk mood. I have been listening to Bloc Party and The Twilight Sad hour after hour. I finally got a chance to check out Italian post-punk band Soviet Soviet who have been in the news recently due to Trump’s travel ban. The band’s music…