Nothing: The Dead Are Dumb

Shoegaze band Nothing’s “The Dead Are Dumb” has a Twin Peaksesque feel with its reverberating bassline throughout the song. It is both unsettling and wonderful to hear. Check out the track below.



DIIV: Dust

I am really hyped for the new DIIV album that is coming out in a few months and I have been listening to the band’s discography once again. “Dust” is a standout track from the album Is the Is AreĀ with its fantastic riffs. Check it out below.

Soviet Soviet: Further

The continuous gloomy and rainy weather has put me into a post-punk mood. I have been listening to Bloc Party and The Twilight Sad hour after hour. I finally got a chance to check out Italian post-punk band Soviet Soviet who have been in the news recently due to Trump’s travel ban. The band’s music is reminiscent of 80’s post-punk mixed with shoegaze.

“Further” is an aggressive and heavy song that instantly floors you with its driving sound. Check it out.