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Bankroll Mafia- Out My Face

I haven’t been a fan of T.I. in quite a long time. Back in the mid-2000s his music was everywhere and I was closely following everything he did but he started to deliver lackluster projects and I stopped listening to him. But now with Bankroll Mafia this recent collaboration with Young Thug I am liking what I am hearing from the King of Trap.

“Out My Face” is a hard hitter with a catchy chorus and memorable verse from Young Thug. Check it out above.


Young Thug: Paradise

Waiting till Young Thug drops ‘Slime Season 3’ I have been checking out his single “Paradise” from his upcoming debut album ‘Hitunes’. As usual Thugger’s eccentric vocal style and lyrics stand front and center on the track. One of his humorous lines is when he says “Rolly Polly Olly N*gga/ I got three stripes and I ain’t bowling n*gga”. Check it out above.

Young Thug: Constantly Hating

I never thought that I would post anything about Young Thug on this blog. For the longest time at the mention of Young Thug I didn’t want to hear about it. I thought his music sucked and that his lyrics was all trash but after listening to his mixtapes out of curiosity I had to change my opinion.

Young Thug is a prolific artist that has great producers that make quite stunning beats that are dark and reflective. His lyrics can be quite funny and sound like gibberish but after a few listens you begin to understand what he is saying and it can be quite catchy.

“Constantly Hating” features a downbeat production that instantly caught my attention. Young Thug’s jazz scat rap flows amazingly over the beat. Check it out above.