two gallants

Shakey Graves: If Not For You

I first heard about Shakey Graves last year and have been following him ever since. His music is in the same vein as Two Gallants and Benjamin Booker with its folk blues influences. Shakey’s guitar playing is absolutely impeccable especially on “If Not For You”. Check it out above.


Two Gallants: Some Trouble

Two Gallant’s new album “We are Undone” is one of their heaviest and aggressive records to date. The band have traded in their folksy guitar sound for a more distorted and loud aesthetic. One of the best tracks from their record is “Some Trouble” which is hard hitting and no-nonsense. Check it out above.


Two Gallants- Untitled (live)

I have been listening to a lot of Two Gallants lately. For those of you who are unfamiliar to this amazing band, they are an indie folk rock band from San Francisco. They have released four albums with “The Bloom and the Blight” being the most recent. They have been touring behind this album consistently […]